Kayla 13

Chapter Two- Kayla

Kayla opened her eyes. She was laying on a leather couch with a soft white blanket on top of her. The widescreen TV and glass table in front of her told her exactly where she was. She was in her house.

She slowly got up off the couch and stood up. She put her hands through her soft blond hair. Kayla turned around and saw her mother standing in the kitchen. She was obviously stressed; Kayla couldn’t blame her.

She entered the kitchen and put a hand on her mother’s shoulder. Her mother whirled around, then relaxed when she saw that it was Kayla who’d touched her.

“Kayla, thank the Lord. I thought you were dead or something,” her mother sighed. She hugged Kayla close to her. “Now, I don’t know what the heck happened out there on the cliff, but we’re not going to talk about it at all. Got it?”

Kayla nodded. “I understand,” Kayla said. Her voice was lined with fatigue.

“Good.” Her mother smiled. “Now get ready for school.” Dark circles were under her eyes. It had been that way ever since Kayla’s father, Carl, had left them when Kayla was three. They hadn’t seen him since, and Kayla’s mother told her that she believed Carl was dead. Kayla had given into the belief four years ago.

Kayla went upstairs to her bedroom and looked around the large room. Posters of bands like AC/DC, Kansas, Rooster, One Direction, and Lifehouse lined the walls, which were all painted white. Before they had been painted white, they had been pure black.

Kayla went over to her dressers, felt around in them, and picked out her best tight jeans, a pure white T-shirt, and a pair of white socks. After putting all that on, shewent to her closet, opened the door and took out her black boots. She put them on, and then looked at herself in the mirror. Believing that she looked good, she was about to leave when she thought that she should take her white jacket just in case. She ran to her closet, got the jacket, then left her room. She dashed into the bathroom, and without turning on the lights, looked at herself in the mirror. Her blue eyes seemed to have become much brighter than usual. They were glowing. She opened her mouth and saw all of her teeth were a little more pointed and sharper. What the heck was going on? Why was this happening to her. Thinking that she was just imagining it, she went back downstairs.

Her white backpack lay on the couch to the right of the one she had been laying on, and she picked it up on her way back over to the kitchen. She sat down at the table and looked at the breakfast her mother had layed out for her: pancakes, eggs and bacon. She wolfed them down and then, having realized she didn’t have her phone, went over to the couch and found it. She turned it on and saw that she had missed a call from Liz. She went back upstairs to call her.

But as soon as she arrived, she heard someone calling her name and then there was a knock on her bedroom door.

“Kayla...Kayla, open the door, buddy,” came the voice of Liz, her best friend.

“Liz, is that you?” Kayla asked.

“Of course it’s me,” Liz replied.

Kayla opened the door and hugged Liz tightly.

“What’s going on?” Liz asked. “You don’t seem like you want to go to school. Come on, you look all dressed up for school.”

“Well, after I woke up, I realized all these strange these strange things had happened to me.” And she explained it all to Liz.

After listening, Liz told Kayla all these strange changes that had happened to her, but they sounded a bit different. It was then that Kayla realized her changes sounded like what a wolf and and Liz’s sounded like what a tiger would have.

“I wonder if all these things have a connection with last night,” said Liz.

“Maybe the others had changes like this also.”

“Yeah, maybe. Let’s go to school.

They went back downstairs. Kayla gave her mother a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and then she and Liz exited through the front door.

The made their way to the school, and when they arrived, they realized they were not late at all. They entered the school.

As they made their way down the hallway, they saw Jason Flicker and Kage Malden approaching them. But just as Jason and Kage were almost there, Derek, a member of Mikel’s gang, pushed Jason.

“Out of my way, loser!” Derek yelled.

Jason recovered from the push. “The last time I checked, you were the one who got in my way,” he told Derek cooly.

“Why you-” Derek grabbed Jason by the shirt and got up in his face. However Kage intervened and pulled Jason away.

Kayla and Liz looked at each other and decided to walk away, knowing that Jason and Kage could deal with it.

The bell suddenly rang and then Kayla went off to her history class, which was her favorite academic class. Liz had the period off and so she went to the tennis court to practice for the upcoming tennis match.

Kayla made her way down the hall where the game trophies were located. Her class was right across from it.

“‘Morning, Kayla,” greeted Mr. Lentz. He was the teacher Kayla trusted the most, as he understood her almost as much as her mother, Liz, and Jason.

As soon as Kayla entered the class, her stomach felt very strange. She felt almost as if she was going to throw up.

She went back to where Mr. Lentz stood.

“Mr. Lentz, I don’t feel so good,” she told him. “Is it all right if I go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, it is,” he said. “Just hurry up, Kayla. We got a lesson on the history of Spirit Falls. It’s a great one, too.”

She nodded and the ran to the bathroom. As she ran right in, she looked at herself in the mirror. In the dim light of the bathroom her eyes began to glow.

“What in the heck?” She opened her mouth and saw her canines beginning to change into really sharp points. What is going on? she thought.

She felt a feeling inside of her that told her to go to Moonlight Cliff. But why the heck was that? But after a minute, she gave into what she felt she was being told.

She burst through the bathroom door and ran to the school’s front entrance. Little did she know that Jason had just done this minutes before. She made her way to the cliff, which was only a mile away from where she was now. It took her another twenty minutes to reach the spot. Her head was swimming. She didn’t know where she was suddenly. There was a sudden buzzing noise in her head. She fell to the ground, unconscious.

Kayla opened her eyes. For a minute she wondered where she was, but then she remembered with a jolt. She had come to Moonlight Cliff because she felt like she was being told to. But who had been telling her?

She felt a sudden pain in her chest and groaned. She howled in pain, just as a wolf would do. She took off her jacket and felt warm, soft hair sprouting all over her arms. It spread throughout her body and then she fell to the ground, unconscious, once more.

Kayla once more opened her eyes. It was dark out, but she was able to see quite well, as if it were daytime. She wondered why she felt so different. She got up and made her way over to the river that ran not far from where she and the others had found the Necklace.

She reached the river, and then she looked into the glass-like water and then she saw that she was a wolf.

Kayla meant to let out a scream, but all that came out was a howl.