Man to LionEdit

Jason suddenly felt a sharp pain on his fingertips and he was shocked to see claws unretracting from underneath his fingernails. The same thing was happening on his other hand. His top and bottom teeth were being pushed apart to make room for new, longer canines and his tongue grew longer as well. As his claws were coming out from under his fingernails his hands' muscles thickened and he could see the palm of his hand darkening into what looked like paw pads. Fur was covering both of his hands and he could feel it on his arms as well. His fingers were getting shorter as the paw-like appearance became more visible. He could feel the very same sensation in his feet. He could see bumps on the tips of his shoes and his feet were becoming very hot. His shoes ripped open as his feet became too big for them. He could feel his muscles bulging and moving all over his body.

Jason felt a bold pain in his back. Jason had several bumps going down his backand shoulder blades were raising themselves as his ribcage grew bigger and more lion-like. He fell to the floor, writhing in pain as his spine was finishing changing shape. His shirt tore up when it got too small for his growing torso. Fur was growing all around his neck and back. His arms and hands were covered in fur. Jason's ears were moving up to the top of his head as they grew into a rounded point. His shoulders and neck were growing longer fur as the lion's golden mane was growing out. His knees cracked and bent backwards as his femurs broke in half and his legs became digitigrade. Jason's shirt tore up completely and slid off of his furry body. Fur was still growing all over his body and his mane was full and covering most of his head. He could feel the lion's tail sprout like a flower on his lower back. His face felt like it was on fire; his nose was growing outwards and more canine teeth pushed out his molars and blood filled his mouth. His muzzle was cracking and crunching as it grew more outward. Jason's eyes turned golden yellow and his eyelids turned black. When his muzzle growth was complete he could feel whiskers coming out of his chops. He looked at himself in a puddle and is shocked to see he turned into a lion. He yelled in panic but all that came out was a lion's roar which echoed out onto Moonlight Cliff.