Animal Spirits chapter 5: Jim

Jim woke up with a burning headache “Was that a dream?” he asked himself. Jim sat up in his pajamas and shook his head rapidly. After a bit of a delay, he stood up. He walked round his queen sized bed. Jim approached the curtains. When he arrived he opened them. A bright light shone on Jim’s face, which made him hiss.

“Did I just hiss?” he asked himself. Jim decided to ignore the hiss and proceeded to the bathroom. Jim walked towards the sink to brush his teeth. Before he started he checked himself in the mirror. He’d notice that his eyes had become brighter. “Have my eyes always been this bright?” Jim picked up a razor blade to move it out of the way. The razor blade's piercing metal rubbed against Jim’s skin but amazingly it did not cut him.

Jim looked at this in complete shock. He repeatedly tried to cut his skin with the blade but it was futile. Seeing that it was a waste of time, Jim picked up his toothbrush and squirted toothpaste on to it. As he was about to put the toothbrush into his mouth he had noticed that his canines had grown stupendously. Not only that, his saliva was thick and grotesque. Jim dropped his toothbrush in fear and decided to examine his mouth a little more. He inserted his index finger into his mouth. When he touched the saliva he felt a burning sensation on that same finger. He let out a scream. “Is that normal? What is going on?” he asked. Jim moved on quickly and picked up his toothbrush. He started to brush his teeth. When he spat, the colour of his spit was a vomit green. Without noticing this fact, he continued to brush his teeth. After two minutes, Jim had finished. He filled up a cup with water, drank but did not swallow it and spat it out immediately. The water he had spat out was thick and dirty. Jim took of his clothes and went into the shower. Once he had finished he slipped on the white tile floor. He was about to hit his head on the floor but his reflexes kicked in and he managed to push himself above the floor with his right hand. His landing was perfect. “Now that was weird!” Jim rushed to the bedroom and attempted to call Jason. Jason did not pick up. “Dude seriously now is the time you don’t pick up?!” he shouted. He put on his white t-shirt with his dark blue jeans. He also put on his black timberland glasses. Jim went back to the bathroom to style his short, brown hair. He gelled the top of his hair up and brushed down the side and back. Jim went back to the bedroom and put on his black wristwatch. He casually walked out of the room and entered the hallway.

Jim looked at some photos of his dad and mom for a while then continued down the stairs. He walked into the kitchen and crouched down next to a cupboard. He opened it and brought out a frying pan. Jim started to whistle. He turned on the electric cooker to let it heat up. He also brought out 2 eggs and some raw bacon. Jim cracked both eggs and placed the bacon onto the frying pan. He walked over to the cooker to see if it was hot. When he had done so, he placed his hand directly on it. Jim felt that the cooker was very hot but felt no burning sensation. “Note to self, see a doctor.” he joked. He went back to the frying pan and placed the pan onto the cooker. After 10 minutes, Jim placed the cooked food onto a plate. Suddenly, Jim began to feel dizzy. He struggled to stand and had to rest on the kitchen table. He slowly regained his balance and walked over to the kitchen sink, where he took off his glasses and washed his face. Jim felt a lot better and went over to eat his breakfast. He rushed it however when he realized he may be late for school. Somehow he had heard footsteps outside the front door all the way from the kitchen. He ran to it and opened it. It was Jason. Jim put on a black carbarini baseball jacket. Jason walked in and he and Jason had a chat. After the chat they both went their separate ways and said they would see each other at school.

Jim started to feel dizzy again. This time it was worst. His vision became blurry and he started to feel light headed. He wandered into the road. A car was coming towards him at 30 miles per hour. He closed his eyes. Suddenly he crawled on all fours over the car. The car skidded and came to a complete stop. It was a black Dodge Charger. Erica got out of the car. “Are you crazy!” she yelled.

“Yes but in a good way” Jim joked.

Erica slowly walks up to him and gives him a slap across the face. “You should be thankful that I gave you a slap rather than running you over.” She said.

Erica got back in her car and drove off. “Thanks for the slap, I really appreciated it!” joked Jim.

Realizing he was blocking traffic Jim quickly ran out of the road. He got on a bus that stopped at his school. "Ticket please to Falls high." Jim said

"Sure, no offence you might want to go to the dentist to get your mouth checked" the driver replied.

"I'm planning to." Joked Jim.

Jim walked towards a seat at the back of the bus when a dog started to bark at him. Jim looked at the dog and his eyes flashed a brilliant gold. He hissed. The dog started to wimper and an old women gave Jim a confusing look. Jim gave a huge smile and continued towards the seat. He sat down and closed his eyes. After several bus stops the bus finally arrived at Falls high. Jim stepped off and looked around. "Another day of education, oh joy.". Jim saw Mikel and Skratch bullying another sixth grader. "Hey!" Jim shouted. Jim walked over to them.

"Hello Jimmy boy, this little loser thinks he can come to highschool." said Mikel

"Why not? He is probably smarter than you." joked Jim.

"You think you are funny do you?" asked Skratch.

"I dunno but I know you should probably put him down." replied Jim

"Why should we?" asked Mikel

"Because Mr.Reed is on his way" Jim said confidently.

"You 3 class now!" Mr.Reed shouted.

The 3 done as they were told and went to science class. They all took their seats. Mr.Reed was about to explain what to do bu was interuppted by Jason walking in late. Jason took his seat next o Mikel.

“I will be assigning you a project today, it will be about the greenhouse effect and how we could stop it. You and your partner will have to make something that can stop this effect, the best project will receive a $200 gift certificate,” explained Mr Reeds “Your partner will be the person sitting next you.” Jim didn't mind this but Mikel had a huge issue with this. After Mikel had roared, Jason ran out of the class room.

"Dang it, Jason wait!" Jim shouted. He ran after Jason but lost him when he got to the forest. "Dang. So close. I hope he is okay." Jim said. He decided to walk through the woods to have better luck of finding Jason. He saw beautiful creatures and marvellous foliage. However, all of a sudden he fell to the floor in deep anguish. He held his stomach and would not stop coughing. When he opened his mouth his tongue became thinner but it also became a lot longer as well. It was so long Jim could not keep it in his mouth. His canines grew terribly sharp. Claws slowly sprouted from his hands like a blossom blooming in the spring. One by one tiny sharp spikes grew out of his back and tore straight through his clothing. His pupils went from circular to slit while his iris had turned to a brilliant shade of yellow. His canines had now grown out of his mouth. All his clothes began to shred and came off his now green body. Lines were all over his body marking out scales. The scales then became real and different shades of green spread all over his body. His hair had retracted back into his head and his claws ripped through his shoes, revealing lizard feet. Jim saw he became a Komodo Dragon through the eyes of a squirrel. The Komodo’s toung grabbed the squirrel by the neck and brought it into its mouth. Jim ate the squirrel.

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