Kage woke up with a searing headache. He placed his hand on the back of his neck, feeling for cricks. As he moved his head around on his hair in his drowsiness, he noticed two bumps on the sides of his head; they were hard, but not bruises. They felt almost like horns. He slid his legs out to the floor, standing slowly. He noticed also that his toes bent less, strangeley, and they were in somewhat of a point. The nails had become darker colored on the inside.

"Whoa.....what.....Well, I guess maybe I got bruised and such last night? Though wow, must have been really hard falls or something....I can't remember falling asleep!" he murmured aloud.

He slowly walked to the bathroom with his clothes. While in the shower, he noticed a most certain increase of hair, and a slight miscoloration, turning brownish as opposed to the typical body hair color of black and very dark brown. He just shook this off, like the other changes, though began to worry about the others. He looked at his phone as he got out of the shower, tempted to call Jason or Liz. He decided better of it as he put his clothes on, noticing the bumps yet again. He walked down the hall with his back pack and items, looking forward to breakfast.

A pleasant smell of hash browns, bacon, eggs, and bicuits with gravy entranced Kage as he meandered into the kitchen.

"Well, I see breakfast is going to be great." Kage said with lusting eyes looking at the bacon.

"Yup. Come on, hurry up and eat. School starts in about thirty minutes, and the bus comes in ten." Kage's mother said.

Kage ate quickly, remembering school. When he finished eating, he grabbed his things and headed out the door. The bus rounded a corner as he arrived outside.

As soon as he was at school, he headed straight towards his locker. He grabbed the appropriate things, like his guitar, and headed for the band hall for his first class. Before he did though, he felt the need to venture out towards the front of the school. He thought he had heard some commotion.

He was indeed right; as he got there, he found his friend Jason passed out and pale (For his relatively observed changed body). He picked him up with some grunts and heaving, and took him to the nurse's office.

"So, who've we got here?" The nurse said.

"Um, this is my friend Jason. He was passed out in the floor when I found him." Kage said with worry.

"Alright, I will se what I can do." The nurse said.

A few minutes later, Jason's eyes opened, and Kage got up and looked at him.

"Glad to see you’re awake buddy.” Kage said happily.

“Kage, this may sound weird but do you know how I got here?” asked Jason, siiting up while talking.

“I found you passed out on the floor and carried you here.” explained Kage.

Jason rubbed his eyes and stood up. “Thanks man.” said Jason.

Kage patted Jason on the back, saying "No problem, bro."

They walked out of the nurse's office. While they walked, they spotted Liz and Kayla. They approached the duo before Jason was pushed over by Derek.

"Out of my way loser!" boomed Derek

"Last time I checked, you were the one who got in my way." Jason said. Kage just stood waiting but ready.

"Why you." Derek said. Derek grabbed Jason by the collar. All of the sudden, Kage intervened by pulling Jason from the scenario, and faces Derek.

"Why don't you take me on, Derek?" Kage asked rhetorically.

Derek grabbed Kage and was perfectly prepared to slam his hard fist into Kage's open chest. Suddenly the football coach approached him and layed his hand on Derek's shoulder.

"My office now!" The coach said.

“Thanks again buddy” said Jason.

"Anytime." Replied Kage.

Kage looked around, seeing Liz and Kayla gone. Jason was fixing his hair and walked off to his next class. Kage walked to his next class also.

When Kage got to his Mathematics class, he saw, much to his displeasure, Derek sitting in a desk beside him. Kage was knowledgeable enough to know that Derek was verily willing to make sure Kage didn't get a moment's peace. Kage looked at him with disgust. At the end of class, the entire room had begun to talk; all except Kage. Kage sat in his seat in a casual poise, waiting for the bell.

After class, Kage began to walk home. Instead of going directly home, he decided to take a walk through the woods.

When he got to a clearing, he began to feel pains everywhere. He fell to his knees writhing in pain. He watched through blurred vision as his hair grew longer and more abundant everywhere, and turned a mud brown everywhere. The bumps on his head grew large and cumbersome stick like things, which developed into antlers very quickly. His shoes felll off as his feet merged and turned hard, transforming into hooves.