Animal Spirits chapter 3: Liz

'“Ah..Ah.” Liz woke up in great pain. She felt like the room was spinning. Suddenly she heard a voice.

“Elizabeth are you going to come for breakfast? Please, it’s getting late for school!” her mother called.

“ I am on my way." She looked at the clock. It was 7:45. “I am surely gonna be late,” she told herself.

She got up but felt like her weight had increased, she looked in the mirror. Her eyes had become sharp and face forward and her color was much fairer. She felt like something strange was going on and it was not usual. She picked up the phone and called Kayla.'“Pick up the phone.. come on.. pick it up!!”she said in panic. Kayla didn’t answer the call. She got angry and threw the phone on the floor and screamed.

“Elizabeth…whats going on?” a voice came from downstairs.

“Sorry… I'm coming!” she yelled back.

She ignored for the time being what had happened and took a shower. When she had finished in the shower she wrapped her towel around herself and moved towards the sink to brush her teeth. When she opened her mouth she had noticed that her canines had become larger. She ignored this as well. Once she had finished brushing her teeth she changed her clothes to a white T-shirt under a shirt and black jeans. She wore her usual red cap and went down to the kitchen. She didn’t eat any breakfast but drank summer fruit juice and took her tennis racket. '“Bye mom," she said as she left the kitchen.

'“Bye sweet heart," her mom replied. As she cleaned the table Liz left the house.

On her way to the school she stopped at Kayla’s place. She rang the doorbell but there was no reply. “Kayla… it’s me, Liz. Open the door!”

After a while of screaming and shouting Kayla's mom came to the door and opened it. She was quite tall and very well dressed up. She was wearing red lip gloss and eye shadow. Kayla's mom looked very much like her daughter. “I am sorry dear but she is in her room” she said

“Ok aunty. I’ll go and ask what’s the matter.” Liz replied.

Liz went straight to Kayla’s room which was right in the corner of their house. Liz approached the door and gently knocked. “Kayla...Kayla open the door, buddy,” she said gently.

'“Liz is that you?.'Kayla asked.

"Of course it's me." Liz replied.

Kayla opened the door gladly and hugged her. They both went into the room.

“What’s the matter Kayla? Your mom told me you didn’t wanted to go to school? Why? You look all dressed up for school." Liz asked.

“After I got up and got ready I had all these strange changes.” And she told Liz told everything what had happened.

After listening that Liz told her that she had all these strange changes too but they were more like a Tiger than wolf as Kayla’s.

“I wonder if all these have a connection with last night.” Said Liz

“Maybe other had these changes too.” Kayla said.

“I wonder.” replied Liz. “Come on let’s leave all this we have to go to school.”

“Yeah.. your probably right. Let’s go to school.”

They both went to school. Luckily they weren’t late at all. They both were standing and noticed Jason and Kage approaching them but Jason and Kage got involved in a fight with Derek. Liz and Kayla left for their classes. While on the way she stumbled into Kat. A member of Mikel’s gang.

“Oh hi Kat!” Liz said.

“Whats your problem Liz, why are you always trying to act like we are friends?” Kat asked angrily.

'“We are friends.”' Liz replied.

“No we are not! You guys always made fun of me because of my accent. How can I trust you?. Mikel 'and his gang' are the only one's who think of me as a friend and not an outsider.”

Kayla got angry. “Why don’t go with him then and stop wasting our time!”

Kat leaves.

“What has gotten into you? You used to be so calm.” Said Liz in shock.

“Maybe its part of those changes.” Replied Kayla.

The bell ranged and Kayla left for her classes. Liz had to leave for the local tennis areana as she was was practicing for her upcoming match. She arrived there on her bike and made her way to the changing rooms. On her way she had started to get dizzy and tried to shake it off. When she arrived and started to get dressed she felt something strange. She took some water out of her bag and drank it. Suddenly she fell on the ground and her head ached. “Ah. Ah. What’s happening?” She saw her hands changing into paw like things . She ran through the fire escape which led to the perimeter of the woods.

Her pain was at its peak and she felt her forelegs twisting inwards. Her face grew whiskers and hair. Her colour changed to pure white. Her hands were now paws and feet too. Her skin was thick and her face changed into a tiger’s. she felt every part of her body change into more like a tiger’s. Her teeth grew longer and she grew a tail at the very end of her body.

She looked at a sheet of scrap metal and realized that she had turned into a tiger. She tried to scream as loud but the scream turned out to be the roar of a tiger. She ran into the woods and climbed an old but strong Oak tree and sat there crying. Tears shed from her eyes like white pearls.