Prologue: The Necklace

Jason walked along the edge of the forest. He had no reason for doing this, but he did it anyway.

He was thinking about how school had gone that day, and also of how the school bully had threatened him. The school bully’s name was Mikel. He was also, unbeknownst to the school’s teachers and faculty, the leader of the neighborhood gang. The last Jason had heard of that gang was that they had beaten one of the nerds of the school to a pulp. The kid had been brought to the hospital, and then it was revealed that he would not be able to stand up anymore on his own.

The night was cold and silent. A silent breeze flew through the trees. That was when Jason heard the loud laughs. They echoed through the forest, leaving a ringing in the cold night air.

Jason made his way to another part of the forest and peered through the trees. Standing there on the cliff was Mikel and the rest of his gang. They seemed to be standing over something.

Jason walked out of the cover of the trees and made his way to where Mikel and the rest of his team stood.

“Hey,” he called. “You beat up another sixth grader, Mikel?”

Mikel looked back at where Jason stood.

“Well, well, well,” he said. “Jason! Long time, no see, pal!” Mikel had a deep, raspy voice. He also had a British accent. “Come to see the party, eh? Well, sorry to say, there isn’t much of a party going on. There’s just a necklace right here, and we found that kind of amusing.”

Mikel moved a little to his right and then Jason could see a green necklace laying there on the ground. It was a bright gold color. There was a lion face on it.

“Never thought you would have a taste in jewelry, Mikel,” Jason taunted, smirking a little.

“Why you little-” Mikel dashed up to Jason and punched him hard in the stomach. “Come on, let’s beat the crap outta him!” He was calling to the rest of his gang.

The gang moved over towards them and they began pounding on Jason. Jason could feel blood dripping down his face.

“Hey!” yelled a voice. Everybody stopped pounding on Jason. Jason could see Kayla Howell standing there, hands on her hips. She was waring her usual black jacket, white shirt and black boots. Her long blond hair flowed in the silent breeze present in the air.

“Kayla!” Mikel exclaimed. “You’re just in time to see Jason get the snot beaten out of him. Do you want to watch?”

“Leave him alone,” she ordered. “What did he do to deserve this?”

“Oh, nothing. He doesn’t find much humor in my jokes, though.”

“Nobody does,” Jason said. “All your jokes are cold-blooded and heartless.”

“You little-!” Kayla came over and slapped Mikel across the face. Jason then saw more of his friends on the edge of the forest: Jim, Liz, and Kage.

Mikel fell to his knees. He found his hands on the necklace, picked it up, and thinking it would help him get away, threw it at Kayla. She caught it and then threw it back at him. It was like hot-potato, as Mikel then threw it at his six gang members, who threw it back in forth between themselves.

It finally landed on Jason. He too threw it. It landed near his other friends. Mikel put his face in Jason’s. Fury was clear in his eyes. “I am going to kill you, little boy.”

Jason just smiled and laughed. This made Mikel even more angry. Jason could see, out of the corner of his eye, his other friends picking the necklace up and looking at it.

That was when police sirens began to blast through the forest. It was obvious that somebody had called the cops. Mikel whirled around, a murderous look on his face.


But suddenly a buzzing entered everyone’s head. Everyone developed a headache. The headache caused them all to become dizzy. Mikel was the first one to drop. He became very still as soon as he hit the ground. Then the rest of Mikel’s gang fell unconscious. Then Kage, Liz, Jim, and Kayla.

Jason’s eyes drooped. He finally closed his eyes. Everything went black, and he thought no more.